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Foreign Fire Tax

The Foreign Fire Tax Board (FFTB) manages a fund made up of revenues received from the Foreign Fire Tax. The general purpose of the fund is to allocate monies for the use, maintenance and benefit of the Woodstock Fire/Rescue District (WFRD), within the guidelines established by the State of Illinois (65ILCS5/11-10). The State law requires any insurance company not incorporated within the State of Illinois to pay 2% of their receipts from fire tax on properties within the Woodstock Fire/Rescue District to the WFRD FFTB.

Members of the Foreign Fire Tax Board

  • Chief Michael Hill
  • Captain Brendan Parker-Chairman
  • Lieutenant Jeff Lesniak-Secretary
  • FF/PM DeAngelo Cooke-Treasurer
  • Captain Scott Nieman-Board Member
  • FF/PM Scott Wessel-Board Member
  • FF/PM Tyler Webster-Board Member