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The Woodstock Fire/Rescue District employs a variety of individuals; ranging from cadets just learning the ropes, to highly trained firefighter/paramedics. Pursuing a career in the fire service is one of the most challenging and competitive career paths in the United States. The responsibilities and expectations of a firefighter require ongoing training, commitment, and integrity. The Woodstock Fire/Rescue District seeks to identify and train candidates that portray the traits of a firefighter through an organized approach to career preparation and education.

Take a look at the opportunities below to see where you may fit in with our team. No matter which category you qualify for, we can help get you the training, education and experience you need to begin your career in the fire service. 


Application Process For Part-Time/Cadet

Written Application

Individuals who wish to apply for part-time employment or to participate in our cadet training program must complete the online application.



Individuals applying for part-time employment are subject to the same provisions as stated in the paragraph below, with regards to their IDPH paramedic/EMT license or OSFM BOFF certificate.

Individuals applying to participate in the program as a cadet must be a licensed EMT through the Illinois Department of Public Health and in good standing. Applicants who have completed the EMT curriculum and are eligible to sit for the state licensing exam may complete the application and testing process. However, if the applicant does not have the license in hand at the time of processing, the applicant must provide payment for all processing costs (physical, background check, finger prints, etc.), up front, to WFRD. The applicant will not be reimbursed for these expenses. Further, if the applicant fails to become licensed as an EMT within 60 days of the written exam, the applicant will be dismissed from the program.

Written Examination

Individuals who properly complete the online application and meet the requirements to be considered for employment will be required to take a written examination. Applicants must pass the exam with a score of 70% to be eligible to move forward in the application process.


Physical Evaluation

Applicants will be required to complete a physical performance evaluation. Candidates must complete the associated physical assessment to qualify for advancement to the next level. Applicants seeking part-time employment may submit a valid CPAT card dated less than 6-months prior to the application, in lieu of participation in the physical evaluation.


Oral Interview

An oral interview will be the final step of the application process. Each candidate must attend an oral interview with a panel of evaluators selected by Woodstock Fire/Rescue District. Depending on the number of applicants, the department may elect to hold group or individual interviews and may require more than one interview before making a final recommendation.


Provisional Eligibility

After successfully completing the steps above, applicants will be notified of their provisional eligibility to participate in the program. Once an applicant has received notice of their provisional eligibility, they will be required to authorize the department to submit for a background check, driving abstract and health physical.


Final Acceptance

Applicants that have cleared all components of provisional eligibility will be notified of their acceptance into the program.

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