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Our Stations & Apparatus

Woodstock Fire/Rescue District maintains 3 fire stations located in strategic areas across the District. Each fire station is staffed around the clock with 3 rotating 24 hour shifts of trained fire & medical service professionals.


Station #1

435 East Judd Street, Woodstock

Constructed in 1965 and refurbished in 1996, Station #1 on East Judd Street is in the heart of downtown Woodstock. The station was once the home of the Woodstock Rural Fire Protection District. The station also acts as the district headquarters housing offices for the Fire Chief and Administrative Assistant. 


Station #2

1325 Dean Street, Woodstock

Constructed in 2000, Station #2 on Dean Street houses an engine company, ambulance and water tender. 


Station #3

2900 Raffel Road, Woodstock

Constructed and opened in the year 2009, Station #3 on Raffel Road currently operates as a jump crew station. 


Maintenance Facility

513 East Judd Street, Woodstock

WFRD is fortunate to have a designated maintenance facility. A full-time mechanic is responsible for ensuring safe, reliable fleet vehicles and equipment, along with related maintenance, repair, and support services. the facility maintains a fleet of nearly 20 vehicles and equipment. 

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