Fire Inspections & Reports

Inspection Reporting Online (IROL) Registration

Registering as a property owner is easy! Simply go to , click on the green PO box on the homepage, select register now, complete the registration page, and click submit. The staff at IROL will handle the rest. The benefits of registering online are: access to all service reports submitted to WFRD, as well as improved communication between the service provider, property owner, and the Fire Rescue District.

What is the fee for a fire inspection?

WFRD does not charge a fee for fire inspections.

What is a routine fire safety inspection?

A routine fire inspection is a site visit by members of the fire department. This site visit allows the fire department to conduct an assessment of the building for fire code compliance.

Why aren’t the inspections scheduled in advance?

Many times the firefighters who work at your local fire station will conduct the inspection. They are also required to run emergency calls throughout the day, making it difficult to commit to a given schedule. Instead, they will visit your business when they can and ask if it is a convenient time to conduct your inspection. If you’d prefer to schedule a time for your inspection, you can contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at

What will happen if my property is in violation?

A fire inspection report indicating the observed fire code violations will be presented following the inspection. The property owner will usually be given 30 days to correct the violation before the inspector schedules a reinspection. If the violation is an immediate and extreme threat to the occupants, the timeline could be shortened or other actions could be taken (including declaring the building unsafe to occupy until corrections are made).

Who should I contact if I need information or advice on fire inspections or fire safety guidelines?

For additional information, the Fire Prevention Division can be contacted at

Does my landlord or property manager need to be present at the inspection?

The inspectors do not need the property manager or landlord to be present. They will need to be able to access all areas of the occupancy however, so someone with the ability to unlock all areas will need to be there.

Can I request a specific date or time for my inspection?

Absolutely! Just contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at and we’ll be happy to work with your schedule. Also, if you are responsible for additional commercial properties in our District let us know and we can schedule their inspections as well, in order to maximize your convenience.

Can I refuse to let the fire inspector in the building?

According to Woodstock City Ordinance Fire inspectors cannot be denied the right to perform an inspection. If we happen to come by at an inconvenient time however, we will be happy to reschedule our visit.

Routine Fire Inspections FAQ's