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Our reflective sign program could help us to find your home more quickly in times of need.

As you drive about the city and outlying rural areas, you may have noticed green, red and blue address markers that have been installed by the District. That is a good thing. Luckily many of the residents of the Woodstock Fire Rescue District have already taken advantage of the reflective sign program.


Unfortunately, there are still many addresses that are difficult for us to find. Especially in rural areas, it is important to clearly label your property address with lettering between three and six inches tall, preferably with reflective material. Residents and businesses within the City of Woodstock are also encouraged to clearly label their property with similar materials at the street. It is difficult for crews to see addresses on the front or side of houses at night, even more so when we are in a hurry to come to your aid.

A simple solution for property owners in the District is to participate in the reflective address sign program. For $20.00, WFRD personnel will come to your property, measure the length of your driveway and install the proper signage.

Important: Please be aware sign installation, December through March, will be weather and soil permitting.

  • How can I purchase an address sign?
    1. Fill out the easy form on our website and submit payment. or 2. Download the PDF form and bring your payment to Station 1, located at 435 E. Judd Street.
  • What does my $20 pay for?
    The $20 fee covers the materials only (sign, sign lettering, and stake). Installation services are provided at no cost to you as a service from the Woodstock Fire/Rescue District.
  • Why will they measure my driveway?
    WFRD measures property owners’ driveways to indicate the length of supply hose needed to reach the buildings on your property in order to mount an effective fire attack. Our engines carry 1000 feet of supply hose on them. Green signs indicate to our firefighters a driveway is less than 1000 feet, meaning they could lay the supply line at the road. Red signs indicate a driveway greater than 1000 feet, but less than 2000 feet; a sign will be placed at the 1000 foot mark to your building(s). For properties with special circumstances, including driveways longer than 2000 feet, a blue sign is placed at the road and the condition is placed on record in each engine so the crew can act accordingly.
  • If I live in town should I still purchase a sign?
    YES, it is still valuable to have a green sign if you live in town, as the crew can see the address sign from further up the street with ease. Every second counts in an emergency.
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